Shadows of the Whirl Islands

Adventurers are becconed to the virgin lands of the Whirl Islands
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 Brief Introduction :D

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Brief Introduction :D Empty
PostSubject: Brief Introduction :D   Brief Introduction :D I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 12, 2011 12:24 am

Just to get to know everyone a bit better, I thought I'd post a brief intro of me and perhaps maybe you guys might do the same if you feel like it. If not, no problem.

I'm Amber, and I'm a fairly good friend of the DM irl--she was nice enough to let me back in on another campaign when trying to campaign with her originally didn't work out due to my busy schedule.

I'm 21, about to graduate college in a couple of months (English major,) and I've played D&D for a few years. Normally I'm a Dungeon Master, but it's nice to take a break and be a player in a campaign. I draw and write a lot, and I have a fondness for watching Foamy the Squirrel on Youtube.

I play a bunch of videogames, but right now I'm glued to Dragon Age II, Overlord II, and Pokemon Soulsilver + Pokemon White.

I'll be playing a Neutral Female Changeling Bard for this setting, and if you guys wanna post here with a bit about you, that'd be cool. I always like to get to know who I'm gaming with. Looking forward to it!

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Brief Introduction :D
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