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Adventurers are becconed to the virgin lands of the Whirl Islands
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 Guide to the Races: Githzerai

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Guide to the Races: Githzerai Empty
PostSubject: Guide to the Races: Githzerai   Guide to the Races: Githzerai I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 07, 2011 4:53 pm

The Githyanki and Githzerai, collectively known as the Gith, live on the Einn Islands in the Northwest portion of the Whirl Islands. They are a secretive race, and like the Tiefling, no one knows how they got here as they are not located in any origin story. The Githyanki live on North Einn, while the Githzerai live on South Einn. The two share a tenuous peace, yet despite that, the distance of the Einn Islands from their neighbors convinces many that any wars between the two will be hard-pressed to spread. In particular, this article covers the Githzerai.

The Githzerai value heratige, and it is a strong foundation in their behavior and philosophy. They seek inner harmony and self-mastery, and will travel great distances to explore the self and to give up mortal attachments by looking for the possibilities that life has to offer. They tend to maintain a worldview centered on personal responsibility and accomplishment. The Githzerai's social hierarchy is based entirely on merit, and each must earn a place in history.
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Guide to the Races: Githzerai
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