Shadows of the Whirl Islands

Adventurers are becconed to the virgin lands of the Whirl Islands
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 Guide to the Races: Minotaur

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Guide to the Races: Minotaur Empty
PostSubject: Guide to the Races: Minotaur   Guide to the Races: Minotaur I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 07, 2011 4:51 pm

Minotaurs live in alliance with the Shifters, who control the wilds of most of the eastern islands. In the cities, the Minotaurs carve out a simple existance, farming and hunting from the land. But despite the peaceful lives they lead, Minotaurs can become fierce in battle.

Minotaurs focus heavily on perfecting themselves, working towards a civilized life that the Shifters guided them into. They work hard to perfect what they can do and put all they have into their given task. However, they know that if they give into their impulses, they can fall to depravity and turn into a raging beast. As such, they avoid exessive drinking & similar behavior.
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Guide to the Races: Minotaur
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