Shadows of the Whirl Islands

Adventurers are becconed to the virgin lands of the Whirl Islands
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 Guide to the Races: Tiefling

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Guide to the Races: Tiefling Empty
PostSubject: Guide to the Races: Tiefling   Guide to the Races: Tiefling I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 07, 2011 4:49 pm

Described as tall humanoids with devilish & demonic features varying to different degrees, Tieflings are as hard to earn the trust of as they are to trust. Not much is known about how they came to exist on this plane as none of the origin stories speak of them and no Tiefling lives that was from their exodus here. There are 3 Greater Factions of Tieflings with numerous Lesser Factions, each of the latter swapping between loyalty of the Greater.

Like a Star @ heaven Gᵫd Faction: (Pronounced Gwed) There is only one land that the Gued faction have controlled consistantly, and that's about a 100 mile radius around the White Tower, their bastion and main home. No one knows what they protect there, but some say it's an ancient evil trying to slither it's way into the Whirl Islands. Others believe it is the last race of Dragons to exist in the Whirl Islands, a evil and chaotic race that would delight in bringing all of the Islands to ruin through constant turf wars. Those of the Gued Faction are typically honest and hard-working, eager to prove their mettle.

Like a Star @ heaven Neer Faction:

Like a Star @ heaven Eh'Væl Faction: (Pronounced Ae-veal)
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Guide to the Races: Tiefling
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