Shadows of the Whirl Islands

Adventurers are becconed to the virgin lands of the Whirl Islands
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 Guide to the Layers of the Whirl Islands

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Guide to the Layers of the Whirl Islands Empty
PostSubject: Guide to the Layers of the Whirl Islands   Guide to the Layers of the Whirl Islands I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 07, 2011 4:44 pm

The Whirl Islands are built in layers on which different inhabitants live. This small compendium breaks them down and describes a little bit of what they are like:

Like a Star @ heaven Aether:
A very special place, little is known of it. Deva and Eladrin are the only races allowed, and they refuse to discuss much about Aether, beyond it being a holy and sacred place. It is rumored that on Aether exist strange portals to other lands, and that the inhabitants guard these places to prevent unwanted travel.

Like a Star @ heaven Navinsula:
A chain of Earthmotes floating high in the skies above the Whirl Islands, they each follow the same exact path, rotating about these paths each year. They are inhabited by Elves, Goliaths and Gnomes, as well as the Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst and Diamond races of the Shardminds. Most of the Navinsula are described as having temperate lands, although Teru, the largest of them, is almost all mountain where the center of the Goliath civilization is housed.

Like a Star @ heaven Solum:
The main layer of Whirl Islands, it also houses the greatest variety of races. Humans, Minitaur, Shifter, Halfling and Githzerai all call this place home. It also has a great variety in climates, from the desert Island of Bruni to the tropical paradise of Forn and the icy moutain of Mt. Bru in between. Solum also holds the most ruins and as such, is a stage for many adventures. There's also an abundance in both cities and untamed wilds.

Like a Star @ heaven Subter:
Home to the Dwarves, Drow and Ruby, Topaz, Amber and Jet races of Shardmind. It exists below Solum and is a network of caves. Because all of the races that live here are fairly seclusive and very controlling of their environment, each region of the layer vary with whomever is currently controlling it and if that land recently changed hands, a hint to the layer that exists below it.

Like a Star @ heaven Abyssus:
A chaotic land that is home to the Tiefling, it has almost as much variation as Solum. There are lands that remain almost entirely frozen in winter and all the same there are lands that are pits of ever-flowing lava. In the center is a bastion of Tiefling known as the White Tower, where the residents guard a strange artifact that no one speaks of. Some say they forget what they are protecting, but still fight to defend it.

All in all these are the layers of Whirl Islands. With the exclusive exception of Aether, all the races have been seen on all the layers, but their original homelands are given here.

Be sure to post any questions you have, and let me know you read this page.
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Guide to the Layers of the Whirl Islands Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guide to the Layers of the Whirl Islands   Guide to the Layers of the Whirl Islands I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 23, 2011 4:58 pm

I like it. Literally provides depth to the story.
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Guide to the Layers of the Whirl Islands
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