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 Possible Upgrade to the Campaigns

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PostSubject: Re: Possible Upgrade to the Campaigns   Wed Jun 08, 2011 5:30 pm

I checked it out. My comp doesn't have the requirements to run it.
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PostSubject: Possible Upgrade to the Campaigns   Sun May 01, 2011 5:33 pm

I'll be making the same announcement on the Cania Campaign, so feel free to read either one.

During the course of both campaigns I am running, I have been forced to make some pretty major adjustments to make up for the lack of a movement grid, as well as other elements. While campaigning on a forum is useful at times, I would like to get back to the grid system. So there was one of two options: force all the players to move to North Dakota under pain of some horrible punishment worst than death, or find a program that would let us gather around a virtual table. I chose the later, and found a program called Fantasy Grounds.

What is Fantasy Grounds?
"Fantasy Grounds is an application acting as a virtual online gaming table primarily intended for pen and paper style narrative role playing games.
Fantasy Grounds is designed to perform many of the things you can do while playing at a conventional gaming table and move it online.
Run games as the gamemaster or take part as a player, the application provides all the necessary tools to communicate, manage information and perform tasks such as rolling the dice or creating drawings."

You can check out more at the site:

What I want to know from you guys, is what do you think of it, and would you be willing to try it? I won't be able to set it up till I get up to North Dakota and settled in, but before I really mess around with it, I want your opinion. After all, you're the players and I want to make things as easy as possible. Well, in some ways anyway.
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Possible Upgrade to the Campaigns
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